Insuring is our business, so you can run yours.



real estate & development

Real Estate Portfolios, Investment Properties, Property Management, Construction, Development, Site Work


Paolino Insurance Agency, Inc. manages the insurance risks for real estate operations and development activities. With 70+ years of expertise and segment specific experience, our firm works with various risks from burgeoning portfolios to seasoned investments.


We concentrate our efforts to form an interdisciplinary program working in conjunction with executive leadership, finance, property management, and legal teams.  Paolino Insurance Agency Inc. specifically works within the context of property portfolio management, asset acquisitions, lending transactions, ground up construction, and development activities.





Fine Dining, Fast Casual, Family Style, Restaurant Groups, Boutique Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Luxury Resorts


When your business is servicing the needs of others, you appreciate the attention to detail each unique client demands. Accordingly, the hospitality practice at Paolino Insurance Agency, Inc. manages the insurance programs for restaurant groups, boutique hotels, and privately held resorts.


Expertise in industry standards, requirements, front, and back of house operations creates the seamless integration of our firm with our client’s team.  We provide the freedom for clients to push culinary boundaries, curate awe inspiring aesthetics, and deliver best in class experiences for their valued patrons.




professional services

Legal, Architectural, Accounting, Wealth Management Firms


Paolino Insurance Agency, Inc. regularly advises white collar professional service organizations. During a time when internet based service providers attempt to commoditize the practices of Financial, Accounting, Legal, and Design  professions, we understand the invaluable guidance you deliver to clients on a daily basis.


Our firm specifically works with professional service firms with similarly aligned appreciation for expertise, flexibility, and general performance excellence.


Whether advising families of generational wealth on specific market strategies or navigating the legalities of a high pressure acquisition, a client of Paolino Insurance can focus on the task at hand knowing the strength of their insurance program.



entrepreneur & high volume growth

Growth Centric, Start Up, M&A Focused


This newest and most unique practice segment is without constraints. Similar to the clients who formulate this area of expertise one size most certainly never fits all. Paolino Insurance Agency, Inc. provides insurance management for this diverse segment of clientele ranging through the various industry segments of manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, retail, services, healthcare, and just about everything else.  The single unifying factor is an identifiable business plan for growth.


From information technology startups to supply chain disruptors these clients are in the launch or growth phase of the company life cycle curve. Clients demand flexibility for uninhibited growth. Paolino Insurance will create a nimble insurance program to move with the client during periods of R&D, investment funding, beta phase, launch, executive onboarding, mergers, and acquisitions.






Businessowner insurance coverage is a two fold comprehensive insurance solution designed for small business operations. The package contains both General Liability and Commercial Property coverages.


General Liability coverages include Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Products Liability, Completed Operations Liability, Fire Legal Liability, and Medical Payments coverage. Additional coverages available via endorsement which enhance the overall coverage of the casualty coverage may include Employment Practices Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, and Hired/Non Owned Automobile Liability.



Business Automobile



Business Automobile exposures include various risks from executive vehicles owned driven proprietors to large fleets comprised of light, medium, and heavy trucks.


A Business Automobile policy may be written on an "all automobile," "scheduled vehicle," or "hired & non owned" basis. Coverages include liability for bodily injury and property damage; uninsured and underinsured motorists liability; medical payments; comprehensive; collision; towing; and rental reimbursement.


Furthermore, carriers often provide enhancement endorsements to provide additional coverages such as loan/lease gap coverage; waivers of subrogation; after market equipment; and much more.


Inland Marine



Inland Marine coverage is a specialized property type coverage for non traditional property. An inland marine policy can provide specialized and expanded coverage for electronic data processing hardware and software; business property in the course of transportation; and mobile equipment.


The risks for contractors most commonly include scheduled mobile equipment, miscellaneous tools, and materials to be installed.


Office exposures can often be better inured by purchasing inland marine coverage for computer systems. Electronic Data Processing (computer) Hardware and Software may be insured via an inland marine policy.


Retail, distribution, and wholesale operations may also have the need for an inland marine policy. Shipments via ground, air, and rail may be insured and controlled through the overall insurance program in lieu of per shipment insurance from common carriers.



Workers Compensation



Workers Compensation and Employers Liability coverages are insurance and must be treated as such. Claim management, experience modification accuracy, and proper employee classification require the expertise of an insurance agent/broker.


Paolino Insurance Agency Inc. offers diverse market access, expertise, and innovative payment options for Workers Compensation Insurance. The flexibility of options like "Pay as You Go" make Workers Compensation coverage more affordable and accessible for small business owners.


Excess Liability


Excess / Umbrella Liability provides the additional layers of liability insurance over underlying exposures which are often required by business owners. Whether dictated by contract requirements or substantial assets, General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Employers Liability coverages will be expanded by the purchasing of excess liability.


Professional Liability


Professional liability is an available coverage for a multitude of business operations. Whether looking a medical professional, contractor, or professional service, Paolino Insurance Agency Inc. will accommodate the insurance needs.


Purchasing professional liability coverage may not just be a license/legal requisite, but also demonstrates to clients an elevated level of dedication and professionalism. With market flexibility and strength our office can accommodate the most diverse professional liability risks.